Gus Solomon Roof/Parapet Repair & Replacement

The project reduced energy consumption in the Solomon CH by repairing and replacing the worn and failing roof components to ensure its watertightness and preservation of the historic structure and interiors. It employed a design and product use strategy that incorporated the HPGB technologies compatible with it's historic nature to bring a best value product to the American tax payers. The work was funded by the ARRA Recovery Act, with the program goals of saving jobs by creating new opportunities in the market place and new possibilities for the Nation through energy savings strategies. Services included a complete tear-off and replacement of the building's roofs with R-38 insulation and advanced technology energy conserving green roofing systems - an SRI 88 cold applied SBS roof applied, except at the penthouse where a standing seam roof with utility-interactive membrane-integrated PV solar panels was installed. The scope also included the repair of adjacent areas necessary for ensuring the efficient and lasting performance of the roofing systems, specifically, the restoration / repointing of the leaking terra cotta parapet cornice and the replacement of the failing flashings, roof drains and guttering and most roof accessories. The work also included the replacement of the exterior integrated copper guttering system. It further included repainting of the peeling and chalking penthouse wall panels that were shedding debris onto the adjacent roof surfaces and the recoat of the external utility chase assembly. The wood windows were lead abated, painted and sealed to ensure optimal energy performance and the two copper hipped skylights were rebuilt in order to prevent infiltration of water and air, and for code compliant safety performance.

GJS Court House from corner WEB
Original Piping
Original Piping
Chase and Open Wall
Pipe Work
New Roof Accessories
New Louver Location